Restaurant We Ate At Was Falling Apart

When the vent hood in my restaurant went out, I thought I would just replace it myself.  How difficult could it be?  I was all gun-ho about it at first.  I read all the directions and thought I knew just what I was doing.  But reading the instructions and doing the actual job are two different things, I learned.  Well, I got about halfway through and ended up calling a professional to come and install it properly.  You wouldn’t think it was such a big deal.  But for me…it was.  The biggest thing to know is that a vent hood in a commercial kitchen filters out smoke and heat from the kitchen.  I decided that I wasn’t qualified to do such a piece of installation because if I did one thing wrong, it could harm myself and my staff and my patrons too.  Nope.  Couldn’t chance it.  There is a certain amount of electric work involved.  It’s not a lot but that fact alone had me horrified.  Another factor to consider was that I knew it was going to take me a long time to do the work.  My restaurant was shut down during the time the hood was being installed.  Time is money!  My patrons weren’t very happy about me being closed.  They count on me to be open during the hours I typically operate so I felt bad for them.  It was a no-brainer.  I found a hood cleaning company and visited their website to schedule the vent hood installation. They were very professional and polite.  They were helpful too.  They gave me instructions on how to take care of my new vent hood and how to keep it clean.  Speaking of clean, after they did the work, they left the place cleaner than they found it.  I was super impressed by the company. Maybe I could have done the work myself.  I would have lost more money from the restaurant being closed than it cost to have the vent hood installed.  I think it worked out just the way it was supposed to and also, if I ever need it repaired, I have a great company to turn to.

Ghost in My Backyard Pool

I’ve never been one to believe in ghost stories and paranormal stuff, but I’ve been noticing some strange things lately at my house. I built a pool in my backyard a few months ago since I’m permanently working from home now. It’s warm all-year round here, so I found a local pool contractor and had a swimming pool installed. But last week, a storm knocked down the tree in my neighbor’s yard, causing it to fall and smash into my pool. The tree fell into it, which broke the concrete and tore a huge hole in the liner. So now my swimming pool is leaking into the grass and flooding my backyard. I was thinking about changing the shape of the pool from a figure 8 to an oval-shaped design. But, last night, I saw a ghost floating over the swimming pool! I’m a bit scared because I don’t want to start a pool renovation and then have a ghost haunt me forever. I guess it doesn’t want me to enjoy a nice swim. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about this and I really need some advice on this. I don’t want this to prevent construction from starting, but I also have never seen any of this crazy paranormal stuff people love to talk about. I thought this was all just for TV entertainment until I saw it. Now, I know it’s real.

Treasure Hunt for Jacksonville Pool Decks

One of the things we love to do is lead companies on private treasure hunts. It’s a one day scavenger hunt event that we setup for companies all over the place. Organizations pay to fly in and see us, and we set up a treasure hunt for the employees of that office. It’s a collaborative team building event that helps employees get to know each other and work better together.

Our latest event this past week was created for Jacksonville Pool Decks, a pool deck repair company based in Jacksonville, FL. Their team leader mentioned that concrete work requires the team to trust each other and work together, so they flew their contractors in on Saturday and stayed at the Marriott prior to the start of the event on Sunday morning.

After a large breakfast, the team gathered for the event kickoff at 9:00 AM sharp. Jacksonville Pool Decks’ contractors were split into two teams and separated on opposite sides of the campus. They were then provided with a GPS tablet to follow through virtual waypoints spread throughout the area. Upon reaching each waypoint, the concrete contractors had to complete a challenge to unlock the next clue toward finding the treasure.

By 2:00 PM, there was no clear leader with both teams fighting neck and neck to complete the challenges and find all the treasures. On the last challenge however, one of the Jacksonville Pool Decks’ contractors discovered a shortcut and was able to convince his teammates to follow him through it, leading them to victory.

The team seemed to really enjoy the event, and the owner reported back later that he’s noticed an uptick in productivity because of the bonding experience they went through with our treasure hunt. So, if you’re looking for a reference, please give Jacksonville Pool Decks a call and they can explain their experience with us.

The World’s Top 3 Treasure Hunting Spots

  1. Oak Island, Nova Scotia
  2. Axum, Ethiopia
  3. Kanab, Utah

Oak Island, Nova Scotia

Oak Island is a privately owned island off the shore of Nova Scotia. It runs a profitable tourism business based on the idea that there’s a buried treasure under the island (which there just may be). Since the 19th century, numerous treasure hunters have tried to search for treasure, possibly left by pirates. The island is rumored to hold the collective wealth of generations of pirates and the Knights Templar. Ever seen the movie Assassin’s Creed? Those people are the ones we’re referring to. This island is also said to hold the Holy Grail or maybe even the Ark of the Covenant.

If someone were to find any of these items, they would be a billionaire overnight because each of them are priceless. Random items have appeared over the past hundred years that have been carbon-dated to the 19th century, so it’s very possible these things exist. But where are they?

In 1967, Daniel C. Blankenship, David Tobias, Robert Dunfield, and Fred Nolan partnered together in an attempt to find the buried treasure. They excavated several hundred feet of dirt, sand, and stone across multiple attempts near the potential location of the secret shaft, but were unable to continue due to legal conflicts with each other and bleeding funds.

Axum, Ethiopia

Tucked away in the northern region of Ethiopia is Axum, rumored to be the resting place of Ark of the Covenant – the golden chest from God’s temple in Heaven. Talk about a priceless find. This is Ethiopia’s oldest city and a major cultural location, filled with countless artifacts from hundreds of years ago (as far back as the 4th century).

Tourists head to Axum each year to try for a glimpse at the Ark, but there’s only one problem. The church that’s said to hold the Ark is protected behind a fence and there’s one high priest who can see it. Because no one else is allowed in, we can’t know for sure if it’s real or if it’s all a hoax. Seems like we need some black ops to sneak in and see what’s what.

Kanab, Utah

King Montezuma of the Aztecs is said to have ordered his warriors to hide his gold deep within the caverns of southern Utah. Many people have searched through the years, but have come up empty handed. The legend states that the gold was transported from Mexico to the US to protect is from the Spanish conquistadors.

The legend continues saying that the warriors who transported the gold finished the job and then killed themselves so no one would ever know the true location or be able to find it again. In addition, they believed their spirits would guard the gold.

If the rumored amount of gold were to be true, it would be somewhere around $3 Billion today. What’s odd is that in 1998, the land owner’s father tried to drill through the top of a cavern to get to the gold. The drill bit hit gold and was pulled out with gold flakes. They tried the next day and the drill bit broke off. Not only that, but the driller died that night and his wife a few weeks later. It was all very strange and seems to be Montezuma’s protective guardians punishing the people who go for the gold.

Which One to Choose

3 potential treasures, flights to different areas of the country to go for them. If you’re looking for a true hunt, Nova Scotia is the way to go because stories place the tunnel all over so we don’t know exactly where to begin. If you’re looking to strike it rich fast, Utah appears to be the best option. However, “bad things happen” every time someone goes for that treasure…if you believe in that sort of thing. At least we know where it is though!