Treasure maps have been decoded revealing Carribbean, Pacific and
Indian Ocean treasure islands.
Featuring The Lost Treasure of Cabo Verdi, Cocos Island treasure,
Oak Island treasure and Indian Ocean treasure islands.

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Before i embark on this section of the site i would like to say thank you,
to the thousands of people out there who have commented favourably on my site.
Also my appreciation of the feelings of the few people who think i am 'nuts'.
You could well be right!

On to cocos, like many before i am intrigued by stories of lost treasure.
Are they just myths, legends or childish stories?
Did pirates or anyone for that matter hide or bury stolen loot and did they ever make charts or maps to show its whereabouts.
Some experts declare that it is all just fairy stories, for boys who have'nt quite grown up,
But then those people obviously never heard of the exploits of sir francis drake .

Scourge of the spanish and any of their ships or ports in the carribean or south america.
Yes, this notable privateer of Elizabeth 1 of England robbed the Spanish silver mule train on route from Venta Cruz and buried it out of necessity, then made a rough map to allow its retrieval.

Some time later.
Captain William Kidd, while awaiting trial for piracy,wrote two letters.
One to the lord of the admiralty offering to retrieve a treasure of ninety thousand pounds which he had secreted during his dealings in the indies, in exchange for his freedom.
He wrote a similar letter to the house of commons during his trial, unfortunately he was not believed, or rather, he had to die in any event, to appease the mogul of india who's trade was being devasted by the english pirates.

More to follow at a later date, please come back to find out more!

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