Ghost in My Backyard Pool

I’ve never been one to believe in ghost stories and paranormal stuff, but I’ve been noticing some strange things lately at my house. I built a pool in my backyard a few months ago since I’m permanently working from home now. It’s warm all-year round here, so I found a local pool contractor and had a swimming pool installed. But last week, a storm knocked down the tree in my neighbor’s yard, causing it to fall and smash into my pool. The tree fell into it, which broke the concrete and tore a huge hole in the liner. So now my swimming pool is leaking into the grass and flooding my backyard. I was thinking about changing the shape of the pool from a figure 8 to an oval-shaped design. But, last night, I saw a ghost floating over the swimming pool! I’m a bit scared because I don’t want to start a pool renovation and then have a ghost haunt me forever. I guess it doesn’t want me to enjoy a nice swim. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about this and I really need some advice on this. I don’t want this to prevent construction from starting, but I also have never seen any of this crazy paranormal stuff people love to talk about. I thought this was all just for TV entertainment until I saw it. Now, I know it’s real.