Treasure Hunt for Jacksonville Pool Decks

One of the things we love to do is lead companies on private treasure hunts. It’s a one day scavenger hunt event that we setup for companies all over the place. Organizations pay to fly in and see us, and we set up a treasure hunt for the employees of that office. It’s a collaborative team building event that helps employees get to know each other and work better together.

Our latest event this past week was created for Jacksonville Pool Decks, a pool deck repair company based in Jacksonville, FL. Their team leader mentioned that concrete work requires the team to trust each other and work together, so they flew their contractors in on Saturday and stayed at the Marriott prior to the start of the event on Sunday morning.

After a large breakfast, the team gathered for the event kickoff at 9:00 AM sharp. Jacksonville Pool Decks’ contractors were split into two teams and separated on opposite sides of the campus. They were then provided with a GPS tablet to follow through virtual waypoints spread throughout the area. Upon reaching each waypoint, the concrete contractors had to complete a challenge to unlock the next clue toward finding the treasure.

By 2:00 PM, there was no clear leader with both teams fighting neck and neck to complete the challenges and find all the treasures. On the last challenge however, one of the Jacksonville Pool Decks’ contractors discovered a shortcut and was able to convince his teammates to follow him through it, leading them to victory.

The team seemed to really enjoy the event, and the owner reported back later that he’s noticed an uptick in productivity because of the bonding experience they went through with our treasure hunt. So, if you’re looking for a reference, please give Jacksonville Pool Decks a call and they can explain their experience with us.