Restaurant We Ate At Was Falling Apart

When the vent hood in my restaurant went out, I thought I would just replace it myself.  How difficult could it be?  I was all gun-ho about it at first.  I read all the directions and thought I knew just what I was doing.  But reading the instructions and doing the actual job are two different things, I learned.  Well, I got about halfway through and ended up calling a professional to come and install it properly.  You wouldn’t think it was such a big deal.  But for me…it was.  The biggest thing to know is that a vent hood in a commercial kitchen filters out smoke and heat from the kitchen.  I decided that I wasn’t qualified to do such a piece of installation because if I did one thing wrong, it could harm myself and my staff and my patrons too.  Nope.  Couldn’t chance it.  There is a certain amount of electric work involved.  It’s not a lot but that fact alone had me horrified.  Another factor to consider was that I knew it was going to take me a long time to do the work.  My restaurant was shut down during the time the hood was being installed.  Time is money!  My patrons weren’t very happy about me being closed.  They count on me to be open during the hours I typically operate so I felt bad for them.  It was a no-brainer.  I found a hood cleaning company and visited their website to schedule the vent hood installation. They were very professional and polite.  They were helpful too.  They gave me instructions on how to take care of my new vent hood and how to keep it clean.  Speaking of clean, after they did the work, they left the place cleaner than they found it.  I was super impressed by the company. Maybe I could have done the work myself.  I would have lost more money from the restaurant being closed than it cost to have the vent hood installed.  I think it worked out just the way it was supposed to and also, if I ever need it repaired, I have a great company to turn to.